Inspired by the nature that surrounds us

Ethically Green

We are constantly inspired by the nature that surrounds us at A Corner of Eden which in turn makes us very careful about the environmental effects of our business.

Angel Barn’s heating & hot water come from a ground source heat pump, which is powered by PV panels and insulated with sheep’s wool from a local company.

Richard loves creating unique pieces with wood, have a look at the four poster beds!

Ethically Green

We are always trying to find ways in which we can minimise our carbon footprint, reduce the number of chemicals that we use and maximise the amount of materials that we recycle.

We are committed to improving habitats for wildlife around the farm to encourage plants, birds and animals to find a safe home around us …. they are all welcome!

We have tried to be as environmentally friendly as possible during the renovation work over the years; local suppliers, naturally occurring materials, low emissions, up-cycling, re-utilising, recycling, natural products, good insulation, draught exclusion to mention but a few.

Angel Barn has sustainable heat from a ground source heat pump and electricity from PV panels, sheep’s wool insulation to keep it warm and draught proof, private drainage, well chosen local & environmental interior products, or British made where possible.  We put a lot of thought into keeping this barn green.

The Farmhouse and Shepherd’s Cottage get their hot water and heating from a biomass wood chip boiler, although the old Aga still runs on oil.

We compost, grow our own fruit and veg, keep hens and buy local produce.  We use our fruit to make jam and delicious liqueurs which are on offer to guests in the cottages.

It’s not possible to be perfect but it is possible to try your hardest which is exactly what we do.

We’ve planted a mini-woodland and each year we leave it to produce a wild flower meadow, why not wander round the path?

Come and see the red squirrels, scampering along the wall tops

“Debbie and Richard have poured their hearts and souls into these beautifully refurbished buildings.”

Reviewed 28 June 2017