A Corner of Eden is special, whatever the season, whatever the weather.

Regardless of what’s happening outside The Farmhouse, Angel Barn and Shepherd's Cottage have their own, unique, enthralling magic.  They envelop you in warmth and comfort when the wild weather rages outside or allow you to spread out, absorb nature and relax in the stillness and warmth of a clear and bright sunny day.

Winter brings icicles, vast snowscapes, clarity of light and winter gales.  Time to play out, build snowmen, go sledging, walk across puddles.  The area shelters our winter migrants, geese, fieldfares, snow buntings.  Morning tracks evidence the night time patrols of fox, badger and hares.

Spring sees the promise of life bursting forth in every aspect of flora and fauna as the days lengthen and the warmth grows.  Walk for miles in the fresh air, see nature coming back to life, grab an early snooze in the sun, retire to a warm fire.  Curlews return, grouse cackle their alarm calls, lambs are everywhere.

Summer is the time to be outside till sunset, crisp wines or a quenching beer round the barbecue.  Days exploring, discovering the enchanted swimming pools, expeditions to the hills, picnics by the river.  Smell the sweet scent of hay-timing, watch the red squirrels play and contemplate the day as the sun sets slowly over the fells.

Autumn, crisp and golden the first frosts catch everything in a shimmering white coating.  Clouds of breath in the chill morning before the sun staves off the early urge to hibernate.  Out to discover Natures harvest, blackberrying, searching for conkers, picking sloes.  Walk back from the pub in the moonlight, listen for owls hear the rustle of leaves in the breeze. Time to relax.